Artist Statement

My art is about the joy of discovery and transformation through vitreous enamel. Powdered glass is transformed into jewel-like copper tiles by heat, with often unpredictable results. The tiles have a depth of color and texture that goes beyond the surface. Each tile responds to light and seems to glow from within as the light is reflected back to the viewer. This reflection changes almost magically throughout the day as the light changes. When you move around the work, its appearance transforms as the light bounces back at different angles. Images from nature anchor the variety of color and texture while adding balance. It makes me happy just moving from one side of a work to the other watching the ever-changing play of light and color.

I make objects that are simply beautiful, encouraging the viewer to bask in the beauty of the entire work, as well as its parts and experiences the piece through light and time. Enjoy.

Watch this video to see how a work changes as viewed from different angles.